Image Gallery for thousands of images?

Dear friends of the wonderful Kirby CMS.

I’m wondering if there is a ready made plugin or cookbook article for an Image Gallery which works well with a few thousand images. I’m thinking features like srcset, pagination, thumbs creation, and maybe pre-loading so that when you browse through the stock, the thumbnails load and display rapidly. Or do I actually have to build all this myself?

Possibly it could be a Vue.js or similar SPA that communicates with the Kirby system only via an API route to be even faster…?

I’m not aware of a plugin and such a gallery is all frontend, so yes, you would (have to) build it yourself.

We do have recipes about responsive images and lazy-loading that you can leverage for such a gallery:

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You can turn the images into virtual pages as per this guide Virtual pages from image gallery | Kirby CMS

Thats great for performance and if you combine it with a library like Swup, it will feel like an SPA without haveing to make an SPA :slight_smile: