Big Slideshow website built on Kirby 2.5.14…

We’ve built this big one page slider based Portfolio with Kirby 2.5.14 with 124 images. Everything works fine except when the client adds a new image and then the first time the website load, it seems to crawl while creating responsive images.

  • Is there any solutions that these images process append in the back end instead of the front end?
  • is it a Kirby 2.5.14 behavior?
  • is it different with Kirby 3?

Many thanks,


Kirby 3 creates thumbs on the fly when they are requested, so yes, the behavior is different. In some cases it might still make sense to pre-generate the thumbs.

For Kirby 2, there was a plugin that allowed you to pre-generate thumbs via the Panel: GitHub - fabianmichael/kirby-imagekit: Asynchronous thumbnail creation and optimization for Kirby 2. Note that this plugin is archived and no longer supported (Kirby 2 is no longer supported either, it reached EOL at the end of last year)