Kirby right choice for 1000+ entries Pintrest Style website?

Hi Kirbyans!

I will work on an painters catalogue of works (in the style on Pintrest) with more then a thousand entries and wonder if Kirby is the right choice for it?

One of the main features is the search function - it should be as fast as possible. Each entry has one image, as I am planning to work with device dependent image sizes, this will add up to at least 5 images per entry. So all in all 5000+ pictures.

I am a big Kirby fan and already made a few projects with it, but I wonder if the best solution for this project is a “file-based” CMS? Or should I use Wordpress instead?

Thanks for any suggestion!

I’m running a site with more than a thousand post (1246 right now) and I’m experiencing no issues whatsoever in terms of performance and speed.

All my posts are divided into sub folders (one for each year) so I don’t have one massive directory.
As for the search I’m using a combination of Awesomeplete and a few custom kirby routes and is working great.

You can probably do better than that with specialized solution (my search route is pretty basic.)


I agree with @manuelmoreale the key here is to avoid a flat folder structure. Other than that, I don’t think 1000+ pages are a problem at all.

There are already a few discussions re. performance on this forum:

Thanks for all suggestions - I think I will give it a try!