Is Kirby useful for my project?

I got a new client which has a pretty big website. The site is currently running with a super old typo3 version. The main purpose is blog with about 30 authors. This should be easy to do with Kirby, but now the “fun” part:
Each author is able to create different types of events and they get displayed in a calendar. I think there are several calendar plugins, so this should also work.
The bigger problem is that there is some kind of widget on the old pages which displays daily quotes. The widget has a database and shows a quote on a specific date. For example, on the 3.02. it shows the entry with the date 3.02. and this in a yearly loop.
Is there any way to do this with Kirby?

Sunday, question time! :grimacing::grimacing:

I don’t see why this shouldn’t work. Are we talking front-end or Panel? So there is a database with an entry for each day? Then the whole effort would be to extract this entry from the database, or wherever that information will live in the future. Maybe an SQLight database or a spreadsheet.

This calendar thingy is also no problem.

Ive built a few events driven sites, someone asked a similar question a few months back. If it helps, theres a repo over here with the basics of it that i shared to help them out.

Shows the events on an interactive calendar on an events page and on a mini calendar in the side bar on the individual event pages. It’s a little rough around the edges and does use a jQuery plugin on the front end but the mechanics of it under the hood might be useful to you.

No kirby plugins required, this is all native kirby stuff with custom PHP sprinkled on top. It does do a magic trick - it can pull events from a google calendar and mix them in with the kirby content events as if they were in Kirby :slight_smile: Easily removed if you dont need it.

we’re talking about the front end :slight_smile: I already tried to export it. Seems to work somehow!

Thats cool! I gotta check this out. Can’t wait to play around with it!