Introducing Sumo - The first page builder theme - NOW LIVE!

UPDATE: Day 5… we’re live!

Check out the SUMO. theme on Gumroad or Creative Market, whichever you prefer :wink:

Looking back on those five days of intense programming, I’ve learnt a lot:

  • I built my first plugin
  • I learned how to use data attributes
  • I improved my php and kirby knowledge and consumed hundreds of pages of docs, forum threads and githbu projects
  • I created my first kirbytag
  • I learned many different ways to create a one-pager and organize the code and the panel
  • I realized where I want to take my involvment with Kirby next (more on that later)
  • I also made a lot more sales in a week than I ever thought I would.

A big thank you to everyone who followed this adventure, @aoimedia in particular :wink:

Today’s day 4 of my #athemeaday series.
And today, I’m not quite ready to release my theme, but I’m super excited to show off a teaser!

Introducing the first Page Builder powered SUMO.

I’m constantly trying to figure out how Kirby can serve more people and I think that more flexibility for end users is key. The amazing Page Builder plugin by @timoetting is a great example of how we can improve the experience for end users. So I’ve decided to build a theme that showcases that plugin.

What is SUMO.

SUMO. is a landing page template by that I’ve used as a base for this theme.

Show us the goodies already!

Alright! The current alpha of the theme is up online at
And here’s a screenshot of the frontend:

What’s happening here?

Well everything you see is customizable… of course.
The Header and Footer are always there (although I could come up with alternate headers and footers… that’s a thought!)
The rest is section blocks that are managed with the page builder. What that means is that users can create as many sections as they want from the pre-created blocks and arrange them in the order they want with a cool drag and drop interface!
So far I have created the following blocks:

  • 2 Colums with image on the right
  • 2 Columns with image on the left
  • 2 columns with no image
  • Full width separator image
    And there’s a lot more coming!

What’s customizable in the blocks?

  • Background color
  • Text color
  • image background (when applicable)
  • button color and label color

I want this, where do I get it?

Easy now! This is just a teaser, the theme isn’t finished yet and will be released tomorrow in full. Meanwhile if you really can’t wait to get your hands on it, I’ve set it up for preorder on gumroad: SUMO. on gumroad.

Stay tuned for the full release!


You mean its a inline Editing Theme? How Jimdoo :confused:

No @thesmithy, sorry if I didn’t explain correctly.
The blueprint features a page builder which lets users select what section they want on their page and add more as they please. Check the link in my first post to see it on github.
This is what it looks like (this gif is from the plugin maker, not actually from my theme):

I hope that clarifies it for you!

Ahhh yes now i understand it :smile:, Thanks you :blush:

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And the ever so important favicon . Should we make it into an emoji?

Courtesy of thenounproject !

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Great job! :thumbsup:

I also created a page-builder, something like you did;

This is the front-end…

…and this is the back-end

…you can add / alter / delete every block - with a preview in the back-end itself

It also comes with an advanced (Bootstrap) form-builder, with conditional logic, parent / sibling, etc…

…add / create / delete / change all the form elements from the back-end

…all form-elements are divided in interactive AJAXED-steps

…so you can create everything you want with Kirby :slight_smile:

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That’s brilliant and a great source of inspiration!

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BUMP! The theme is live! I couldn’t be prouder.
Check the first post for more details :wink:

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