Best practice for a one-pager


I am about to set up a one-pager (landing page) for a customer and I was wondering about a best practice approach. To me, there seems to be two options:

  • Set up a one-pager with a page and sub pages as described in Getkirby’s Cookbook

  • Tim Ötting’s Builder Plugin seems another option. Each content category can easily be defined as a block in the plugin.

From an end user perspective, I’d probably opt for the Builder plugin, since each block can simply be inserted and it gets published whereas the Cookbook approach depends on page states to publish a block respectively page.

Maybe I’m missing lots of other pros and cons. Somebody got some ideas/additions to wether go for the Cookbook, the Bulder plugin or even a third approach?

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The third option is a variant of the subpages options, which makes handling subpages a bit easier:

See also:

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there is also the option of using the new editor if you know how to create custom blocks.

That’s the main problem…

@bnomei But with custom blocks, how do you tell where a new section should start? Or you need rather complex blocks?

@bnomei @texnixe I thought about Kirby editor too. But I think the content of the blocks will be too complex for the editor (multi column with text and pictures).

it depends on the intended complexity of the layout. if you just need a bit more flexibility than working with a few markdown fields the editor will do a good job. but i agree once you do stuff like slideshow etc using the builder, modules or subpages might be easier.

Thanks @texnixe Definitely another option to consider!