Installing Starterkit - no panel

Hi I’m new to Kirby and just trying to install the Starterkit to have a play around and see if its the right CMS for me (I’m currently using Perch for client sites but need a replacement).

I have uploaded the Starterkit folders to my live domain (a test domain) and the Starterkit website is displaying - although without the images - it seems the media folder hasn’t been created.

Also, when I go to /panel I’m getting an Administration Panel Authentication login screen, not the panel.

Is this because I don’t have a Kirby production licence or because I have done something wrong with my setup or .htaccess file?

This is what you should see if an account has already been created:

If you haven’t created an account yet and Kirby is installed on a remote server, you have to allow creating your first account in the config file first (that’s a security feature, otherwise anyone could create an account):

As regards the media folder, if it is not created, check your folder rights. The webserver user (usually www-data) must have the rights to write to the folder (755/644). Have you checked in the file system if the media folder is created or not or if it is another issue (e.g. GD library missing, which is needed for creating thumbs)?

No, you don’t need a license for testing Kirby, you have to buy a license once you run a production-ready website.

You might want to provide some more information about your server setup (server type, PHP version) for further troubleshooting.

Thanks for such a quick reply

The panel is working now - the /panel url was being used by my hosting company to redirect to ftp management panel but they have changed it for me and I am seeing what you sent.

I have installed it now and its all working. Thanks so much!

Great that I can test this out without a licence! Thank you

FYI: The URL at which the Panel is reachable can be changed in the config file:

Thanks - that sounds a good idea!