Installation login issues

Upon first installation, I am getting an invalid login error from registering a new user.
The user folder gets created, and after I do this and navigate to panel I’m redirected to login. But all login attempts are failing.

Tried with php@7.2.

{status: “error”, exception: “Kirby\Exception\PermissionException”, message: “Invalid login”, key: “error.access.login”, file: “/Users/manus/hehehehe/hueheuehue/U_N/”, …}

Which Kirby version?

What gets stored in the .htpasswd file?

What is the full error trace? In which line exactly is the error thrown?

Hi Texnixe!

It’s in line 371 of the User.php file in public/kirby/src/Cms/User.php



My password, nothing else!

A hashed password or plain text? Again, what is your Kirby version?

I managed to resolve this by switching PHP version to 7.3, I am using Kirby v3. The password was not hashed, now it is!

Then you were probably on PHP 7.4 with a not-up-to-date Kirby version. The current Kirby version is 3.3.6, make sure to update in any case. After the update, you can also use PHP 7.4.