Improvements for the new forum

I have a first one:
How about an additional category for questions/support?
For all people who need help (like @ClintonWGray with “Create an editable sidebar”) - leaving them uncategorized is quite a bit messy :slight_smile:

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I agree. There wasn’t a category I could use. Also, there’s no way to mark it as “solved” like there was in the old forum.

@ClintonWGray: Then again, many (most?) TOs never marked their posts as solved, anyway.

For now you can edit your original article and add a “Solved” infront of your title?

Before ‘Mark Topic as Solved’ was implemented in the old forum, there wasn’t consistency when people would change their title.

As long as marking a topic as solved doesn’t prevent additional comments, I think it’s a decent idea.

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Previewing the last reply would be nice. So you could better check if theres a new answer and who posted it.

Mostly agreeing

  • some way of marking a topic as solved
  • questions/support/troubleshoot category
  • how about also a category to share some snippets / best practices that are not a plugin necessarily?
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I added two new categories. The “How to…” category for all kinds of snippets, best practices, but also questions. And the “Troubleshoot” category for any kind of issues with Kirby.

I’m not 100% familiar with all features of Discourse yet, but I think besides the archive method, which might be admin-only, there’s no good way to mark something as solved. Do you think a “Solved” category would make sense?

This is partly a test to check if I can post, but I’d suggest to rename the new categories:

  • Ask a question
  • Post a solution

or something along those lines. Judging from the old forum, “how to” is quite misleading and people tend to post questions instead of solutions because they want to know “how to” accomplish a task.

Moving solved questions to a solved category sounds like a good idea.

I also think “How to…” is misleading and a “Solved” Category sound good

Ok, I followed your advice and changed the How to… category to Solutions and added new Questions and Solved categories as well.


Whats the diffrence between Troubleshooting and Questions?
The first is for kirby-question the second more general?

You know what: let’s keep it simple :slight_smile: Just deleted the Troubleshooting category. All questions should now go into questions. Somehow sounds legit.

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Sounds good :smile:
How about deleting Panel category (since it’s mostly questions and the border is thin) - and instead add something for feature requests and bug reports?

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Panel is now Suggestions since the only topic in there was your wishlist :slight_smile:
Issues is coming next.

These are exciting times :smiley:

I know this is getting veery into the details, but is there the possibility to define the order of the categories?

My suggestion would be something like:
Made with Kirby and <3

Meta and Hosting are probably not the most common or relevant categories (not that think they are not important), and thus might be better not the first things to choose from the select menu when starting a new topic. But as said, that’s pretty picky :wink:

@distantnative as far as I understand it right now, you can’t sort the categories. They somehow sort themeselves based on a magic fairy algo or something :slight_smile:

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How about changing the favicon into a black and white version - this way I wouldn’t confuse the cheatsheet with the forum anymore :wink:


And maybe you could change the green box-shadow for the last user, that commented on a topic into something more visible like a border?