The "Solved" category

I’m wondering why we still use a separate “Solved” category when Discourse now has the “Solution” functionality with a checkmark in front of the title.

Not only do you get a notification (email) for every category change, it also looks a bit redundant and splits the Questions category. Is there any benefit of the category I’m not seeing?

It helps me to track open questions. Also there is not always exactly one solution.

Ah, okay. So there’s no filter for “topics without a solution”? That’s unfortunate.

EDIT: There seems to be a in:unsolved and in:solved filter. The other issue with no clear “solution” post remains.

Maybe using advanced searched, don’t know. Using the categories, it’s one click…

True, that seems to work but is still more complicated-

I solved this question (for now). Maybe it will get easier at some point.

Really? I never do. Maybe you can edit your notification settings?

Probably because you’re the one changing it :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a non-issue, I was just wondering about the category. There doesn’t seem to be a setting for category change notifications either.

The emails look like this:


So simply the initial post again.

EDIT: Maybe it has something to do with the “watching” vs. “tracking” of topics. I’ll keep you updated.


I’ve created a topic in “Kirby Questions” where a solution has found. How to change the topic category to “Solved” ? Didn’t found a button or edit function :-/

If you click on the pencil icon right after the topic title, you can edit the category.