Image rearranging for large gallery size bug

I have a large gallery section of 30-50 images that breaks into multiple pages of thumbnails in the panel. Blueprint looks like this:

        type: files
        layout: cards
        template: image
        info: "{{ file.dimensions }}<br>title: {{ file.alt }}<br>visibility: {{file.visible}}<br>featured: {{file.featured}}<br>splash: {{file.splash}}"
          ratio: 1/1
          cover: true
        min: 1
        size: tiny

When trying to drag an image from one page to another, the behavior is kind of unpredictable. If I, say, drag the last image on the second page of thumbnails to the first position (on that page), then switch to the first page, that image appears at a seemingly random position. Is there an option to just not have the thumbnails paginate in the panel to avoid this behavior?

You could set the limit option to a high value, default is 20.

Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks! I do think this is a bug with the rearranging across pages, however.

Yes, please create an issue on GitHub for the bug part.

Hi there! How do I modify the “page” panel preset so it has a larger limit? or better yet that default value of 20 across the board? Thanks!

Edit: I figured out to modify kirby/config/presets/page.php
But I know modifying things inside the kirby folder isn’t the best practive…