Image sections with a single large image

We are using an image section limited to a single image in the main column of our page (2/3 width). The layout is set to cards in order to have a large preview of the cover image.

Generally, everything displays as expected but Kirby is loading a small image scaling it up to the needed size which results in a very blurry preview:

Is this a bug in Kirby or am I suffering some weird caching because we initially displayed the image in the sidebar?

The source image is 2560 × 1600 pixels.

Hm, I just tested this and yes, the generated image is too small, even with the size attribute set to large. I get a max images size of 400px.

Yes, 400 pixels is the same I get. Should I post an issue on Github?

Yes, please do.

Here we go:

The thumb size is hard coded in the pages section (computed , data). You could extend the section and add your own thumb size.

I planned to switch to srcset for the cards as soon as possible, but didn’t manage to do that yet. This should solve the problem no matter how big the card is in the end.