I can't get starter kit installed

I don’t know either because I’m not a Xampp user, but I’m pretty sure you will find out how if you ask Google or your favorite search machine. Or the Xampp docs.

Got it, but through Lavarel Valet. :sweat:

Sonja, one last thing so not to bother again, what shock I be learning to develop a skill to be able to handle Kirby. Front End Development? Full Stack Developer? What’s the right skill to learn?
Danke noch mal!

Since Kirby is PHP based and if you are going to write PHP template, developing at least basic PHP skills is of advantage.

Of course, you need to know the basics, i.e. HTML and CSS and maybe a sprinkle of JavaScript.

Some people these days prefer to create React or Vue (or whatever) based frontends. If you want to do that, needless to say that you would have to dive into those libraries. And you would need some Vue if you wanted to extend the Kirby’s Panel.

But since you seem to be completely new to all this stuff, I’d start with HTML, CSS and PHP.

But HTML, CSS and PHP won’t help me with the XAMPP and Laravel Valet kinda issues. What is that called, backend? I’m going to learn by doing, following your lead, there are a bunch of online courses on the subject. I am stuck at home for a while any way. Thanks again, Sonja.

Well, those tools are just the local server environment. A server is necessary so that Kirby can run, but there is nothing much to learn, just get it working.

Both Xampp or Laravel Valet usually work out of the box.

For example, if Laravel Valet (which I’m using myself) is correctly installed and set up according to the documentation, then all your projects in your parked folder are automatically accessible under http://foldername.test in your browser. It doesn’t need any additional configuration.

Yes I saw that, that is how I was finally able to solve this issue where I had beed stuck for the last two days, although I parked there the folder with KompactPRO-Theme for the blog I need to develop, but it did not run. So now I am stuck again… live and learn, I guess.

You usually park a complete parent folder, e.g. ~/sites. Then all projects that you put into this parent folder will be available as described above

/sites/ // if you call `valet park` while in this folder, then
 -- starterkit/ // would be accessible as http://starterkit.test
 -- plainkit/ // would be accessible as http://plainkit.test


As an alternative, you can cd into any folder and call valet link somename, whereupon that projects would be available under http://somename.test.


As far as I am aware ‘Kompact Pro’ is a Kirby 2 only theme and therefore not compatible with Kirby 3. It might be worth contacting the theme developer to confirm this.

Best regards.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have indeed emailed with no answer so far. What you are telling me explains why the template is not loading. Thanks