Htaccess / Telekom Hosting

Hi folks! Site is running client happy, Homepage is working, but when clicking on any link there is a 404 Error.

  • Checked PHP (8.0) running
  • htaccess - no need to edit the directory, since the folder is set as the root for the domain on the webspace.
  • checked permissions from the folders, everthing good to go

Any Chance some of you had the same issue? Thanks in advance!

This is the URL:

If the homepage works but links to other pages don’t, then rewriting does not work.

  • Is rewriting enabled on the server (usually, that should be the case)
  • Have you transferred the original .htaccess file to the server (assuming that you are running on an Apache server)?
  • Are .htaccess overwrites allowed? You can check if the .htaccess file works by throwing some nonsense characters into it. You should then get a HTTP 500 error message.

And also, what sort of “Telekom” hosting is that?

@pixelijn Have been in contact with the telekom support for an hour…
Thank you for the tip with the “nonsense” in the htaccess. Read it before in the docs, but didn´t remember it.

The client is using homepage basic. I included the httpd.conf as requested in the help section from Telekom: Homepage Center Hilfe: htaccess aktivieren

But still doesn´t work. Now waiting for tech-support callback. This is so frustrating.
Thanks in advance!

A couple of years ago they didn’t support .htaccess rewrites at all, seems that has changed now at least for their Homepage M and up offers. And I think Homepage M is rather expensive what what they offer.

Absolutely overpriced… we normally encourage clients to use a different company.

The httpd conf has to be in the root Folder from the Server. Everything working now!