Moving Kirby from test server to production -> all pages return Server error except for homepage

I managed to finish my Kirby setup and am ready to move my site to my live server. I simply cp -rp all the files and when I now go on the live version only the homepage works. If I click on any section I get a 404 Not Found Server Error. The only difference between test and prod is ssl is enabled and www redirects to non-www. I can’t figure out what broke along the way and way only the homepage is showing.

Did you copy the .htacess file? If yes, is Rewriting on the server enabled (usually is) and are htaccess overwrites enabled?

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Thanks for the hint - While .htaccess was indeed copied over, it wasn’t being read! Enabling SSL meant I needed to also manually add the below to my apache conf file!

<Directory /var/www/>
          Options FollowSymlinks
          AllowOverride All
          Require all granted