How to run Kirby CMS test version on your windows 10 laptop for testing and exploring?

Hello everyone, i’m new here,

I want to run the test version of Kirby CMS on my laptop, do i need xampp or similar program on my computer?

Can i run one paid Kirby CMS version on my computer to test before i upload to the server, or do i have to pay for two versions?

What i have to learn first: html, css, php and than Kirby CMS?

Do i have to download xampp or similar software on my computer/s?

Suggestions, tips and tricks are more than welcome, …

Thanks a lot!


That’s probably the easiest. You can find some dev environment alternatives for different operating systems here:

You only need a license when you website goes to production, you don’t need one to test locally or on a testing server

That is recommended, see above. You can test on a remote server, but that is not very comfortable.

@texnixe: thanks for the quick replay!

So, if i correct understand on my computer i can have/run a fully working Kirby CMS configuration?

I downloaded XAMPP and started the APACHE service, is this correct environment to get it working well, is this the PHP necessary to run Kirby CMS on my computer or is this something else (necessary for the mysql database, …)?

Because i prefer to use no database, because it’s already so complicated for me for the moment to get Kirby CMS running correctly.

Maybe a quick install wizard will do the trick in the future, tis is a suggestion, i don’t if this is possible …



Kirby is a flat-file CMS, it doesn’t need a database at all (although you can add content from a database if/when necessary)

There is nothing much to install, it’s basically just putting the files into the webroot of an compatible Apache server. Since there is no database needed, an installation routine like Wordpress is unnecessary.