How to export (and later import) language for translators

Good morning

I am using the great DeepL plugin/Machine Translation plugin from @tobiasfabian to translate my pages. I found that DeepL works perfectly for shorter, easier stuff but for longer, technical texts, a manual review by a native speaker is always required.

Obviously I do not want to give external people I do not know access to the Panel - or do I? (havent checked out the rights management TBH). So I am thinking: how can I export the language files in a way where translators can work with them and then later import them? Just sending the content file?

Any recommendations/sharing of experience of this process?


Maybe this helps: Import and export translations | Kirby CMS

Ah yes thanks a lot! I read about this months ago and deeeeeeep down in my brain I knew there was something, merci!