Is there a plugin to translate a website?

Hi ! I want to translate a website but was told that there is no plugins on Kirby to do so. Is it right ? How does it work ? I was given so many different prices for this job and I am kind of lost… Thank you for your help.

Not sure what you mean? Automatic translations? Or convert a single language Kirby website to a multi-lingual one? Please elaborate.

Ah, ok, according to your other post, you are actually looking for a translator. This is not really a forum to find a professional translator, but to get help with Kirby.

You can take a look at this plugin. Maybe it works for you. If you have any questions about this plugin, feel free to ask me.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I am not looking for a translator… I am looking for someone who can add the language to the site. Yes I mean automatic translation but if it doesn’t not exist I will do it myself and have someone add it to the site… I need to be more clear about it I guess…

This sounds really good ! Thank you so much ! Can i rewrite on it if the traduction does not come out properly ?

Of course. But I would like to remind you that it only supports certain fields.