How to comment things out? (Newbie question)

Trying to get the hang of Kirby, I’m playing around and expermienting.
So, I’d like to just comment out variantes that I’ve tested rather than deleting them (just like in program code).

First of all this applies to “things” like .txt files in the content/ folder. Can you do it there? I couldn’t find a way.

But talking of… the scheme could be useful in other areas like on the filesystem level as well. For instance, I found that apparently it’s always the last .txt file in a content folder that’s being used, in case there are several.
Thus, I can actually comment out a file by prepending ‘#’, e.g. ‘content/3_about/about.txt’ to ‘content/3_about/#about.txt’. But that seems conincidental and probably won’t work where Kirby might want to access all files in a folder (not sure where this actually applies - I’m talking about the scheme).
Thus, the question here is whether there’s already a way to achive this (or whether it might be something for the wish list…)?


There should always only be one page .txt file in a content folder (or one per language), multiple txt files will result in issues.

To keep different versions of content or of your code, use a versioning tool like Git.

If that’s too much, rename .txt files to something else, e.g about.txt.old

How about inside those .txt files?

You cannot use comments in your txt files. What you can do is put notes somewhere at the end after a separator (----).

But if you want something clean, use versioning.

Got it. Vielen Dank