Hosting problem - I try to host two Kirby projects in a shared hosting plan at bluehost

Im using Bluehost to host my site, alongside this site I use other directories to host other sites I make, since the plan allows me to host as many websites I want. lately I wanted to make another kirby website and to host it too in this bluehost plan I have.

for some reason It gives me this error when I try to reach the website:

It’s the second time it happens to me. Static html sites works great but another php kirby app gives me this error.

this is the public.html tree:

  • my first kirby website that works
  • a static website
  • another static website
  • another kirby project that doesnt work

I’m not familiar with hosting technologies but it feels like two kirby apps cant live together under one host, does it make sense? or is it really about php version? (if so, how do I update the php version? and why does the first site work?)

BTW - I try to upload this second site as a staging site - to show clients their website before we upload to their paid hosting. so I was wondering what do you use for staging or WIP?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know about Bluehost, but with other shared hosting providers, you can usually set a PHP version on a per domain basis. So if you use different subdomains for each folder, you should be able to assign different PHP versions.

I see - so maybe its a domain thing. I will try to assign a new domain for it.

But since you are only using static sites next to your Kirby sites, you could assign the same PHP version for all sites, just make sure that you have a PHP version 7.4+

so basically I need to ask from my provider to update the php version of the domain to 7.4 right?

You should be able to do that yourself in your admin dashboard somewhere. And I’d go for PHP 8.0 if it is available.

See Bluehost documentation, not sure which of these is more up to date:

It works!
Thanks a lot :pray:

Now it has a new problem - I can see the website but only the html and css of the home page, other pages don’t exist (404 not found), images also don’t appear (the videos work, because of vimeo I guess) and the panel doesn’t work too.

Any idea what might cause this?


Have you uploaded the .htaccess file. Note that files starting with a . are by default hidden in the file system, so you might have missed it.

Is it possible I don’t have a .htaccess file?
I turned off the hidden files view - and I can’t find the file in the search.
the file comes with the plainkit right?


ok - I just installed a .htaccess file from an older project and now it works! Thanks a lot for your help!

Yes, the Plainkit and the Starterkit both come with an .htaccess file.