Hosting issue / Bug - Panel POST to .jpg extension

This could be technically leaning more on a shared-hosting permission issue, but just seeing if there’s a workaround here.

The /panel/dropdown calls appear to do a POST to retrieve the API data to populate the dropdown. It posts to it’s own page, which is fine for the most part e.g. posting to https://my.domain/panel/site.

However, since the file/image page has a url such as https://my.domain/panel/pages/about/files/my-image.jpg, it’s posting to this URL structure:


Since it’s an extension some shared hosting would not naturally allow - Posting to a jpg/png etc. presumed to be exclusively GETs by most host specs.

As a result we get a 403 / Forbidden.

Is there a way, short of taking a long shot to ask the shared hosting to change their configs of POSTs image extensions, is there a way around this?

The call seems to work as a GET so not sure why it needs to POST for this panel function to dropdowns?


Update: This appears to be an issue since 3.60 and it’s pre-releases. Pre this version the url structure was a GET to


3.6. the method has changed and has the extra querystring so I assume this is possibly a edge case bug.

Could you please create an issue on GitHub?