403 Forbidden! Access to this resource on the server is denied!

after saving changes in a page, this Error occurs:

I’m able to upload files and create pages. Hosting on Namecheap shared hoster with multiple sub domains.

I’m using a Plainkit without any plugins. I just don’t know where to look in the backend and where this error is coming from :confused:

Does this affect newly created pages or existing pages or both or is it only a problem with one particular page?

I reinstalled the entire backend again and it now works. As far as I see it if you just drag drop a Kirby setup into a server (Namecheap in my case) something sometimes breaks.

I think this post has had also these issues: Can't save pages in panel - #27 by texnixe

Edit: Panel issues | Kirby CMS

The error actually persists. Some pages don’t throw an error, and some do. I can’t see any logs besides The JSON response could not be parsed.

Should I just move to a different hoster? I feel this is a simple fix, but I can’t work on my website, since I don’t really now much about backends.

Edit: No problems in Firefox! So it is probably my Browser…

Nevermind, now it doesn’t work in Firefox or Safari either…

If you have a chance to try a different hoster, I’d check if that would solve the problem. It’s nevertheless strange that it only affects some pages. So it might be worth checking if you have any problems in your filesystem or content.

e.g stuff like this: The section "projet" could not be loaded: The JSON response from the API could not be parsed - #22 by JolinM

Oh that makes sense! Still weird that I’ve had problems with pages without any files as well. Maybe it’s the lock file that the hoster does not like.

I’m currently switching to Digitalocean and Serverpilot.

Hello, I have the same problem with namecheap. By the way, I had to use a .htaccess that points to the “public” folder because namecheap does not propose to change the root folder on the main domain.

The images are in my media tab but I can’t add them to a field.

Not quite sure I understand. You you elaborate a bit, please?

Of course. I try to add images to different pages but the 403 error message appears. However, when I check my media tab (at the root of the panel), these images are uploaded correctly and I can view them.

I have checked the integrity of the files and media and everything seems fine. (on my local project everything works)

When I try to fill the “thumbnail” field on a project page, I get a 403 error.

However, for video media I don’t have any errors.

I can’t quite figure out why

Hm, is there any more information in the browser console?

Also check your php error logs and the server error logs.

Which Kirby version are you using and which PHP version?

Kirby version is 3.8, php 8.0 and I don’t have any php error in the logs. However when registering in the panel, I have errors in console :

The problem concerns all pages.
I tried to create a builder with a blocks field. The texts are validated but not the images.

Hm, what I don’t understand is the path site/public/api what does that refer to? And what you wrote about your .htaccess file. So this is not inside your project folder?

I asked namecheap support to see if the 403 error was not their responsibility. Here is the solution they came up with:

It solved all my problems.
Thank you for your help as well.

Had the same problem with Namecheap hosting, by the way. Disabling ModSecurity solved it (you have to wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect)—will now ask support to whitelist the problematic rule as well. Thanks @Arnaudmp!