Can't upload .webp images in the panel

Good afternoon!
Played around with .webp images and wanted to replace my .jpg’s.
I’ve seen that there are plugins for Kirby which convert your images to WEBP, but I don’t want to use a plugin.
And I didn’t get the thumb method to work either. Do I have to install or configure something?

<?= $page->header_image()->thumb(['format' => 'webp'])->toFile()->url() ?>

If possible, I’d want to upload .webp images directly from the panel, but I am getting this error message:


I tried with and without the extension setting:

    type: files
    label: Headerbild
    layout: cards
      extension: jpg, png, jpeg, webp

I’m on Kirby 3.6.0 Beta 3 using XAMPP and PHP 8.

You have to assign an upload template and set the accept option in that file template.

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Thanks for the hint!
I had actually set the accepted file formats in my default files blueprint and forgot about it. Updated it now to include WEBP.