Home page is good but panel page is not working

Hi All,

would like to seek some help on my kriby which i upload into my go daddy hosting but panel page seem not working. It’s link to my panel/login with error 500.


Anyone can help me on this?

Ok, your subpages do not work either, not only the panel.

  • Does the server support mod_rewrite / is it enabled?
  • Did your .htaccess get uploaded correctly?

I’m using godaddy hosting, not sure how to check mod_rewrite / is it enabled is enable or not?

i have upload .htaccess in the root.

Could you try to set the RewriteBase to “/” in your .htaccess http://getkirby.com/docs/installation/troubleshooting#broken-subpages.

Additionally to what @texnixe said, you might need to make another change in your .htaccess:

According to this blog post, GoDaddy requires disabling an Apache feature that would otherwise collide with mod_rewrite.

In summary you need to do the following:

  1. Remove the # symbol in front of the RewriteBase / line
  2. Add Options -Multiviews at the beginning of the file
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Great! i have did what according to your both replied and i can view my subpage now.

but another issue facing now in panel, which:

  1. /assets/avatars is not writable

Oh… i found that issue and solved it. thanks for the prompt respond from you all. you all really helpful.

Hi, can you tell me please what was your solution?

Thanks for that hint, just helped me a lot after getting Internal Server Error trying to run Kirby on a subdomain :ok_hand: