Hosting on godaddy frontpage works, sub-pages don't

I’m currently putting my site online on godaddy hosting. The kirby folder is in a subfolder on the hosting and the domain points towards it. The frontpage works however the subpages don’t, they give Internal Server Error. I’ve added the RewriteBase /my-subfolder and removed the # . I’m currently going through the page to try those fixes.

Does anyone know how to check the mod_rewrite settings?



in a separate file or the home template. It should tell you if mod_rewrite is enabled.

You can also test if the .htaccess is picked up at all by putting some rubbish in there.

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Hi Texnixe

Trying the phpinfo now. What is the thing that I should look for? if I CMD + F mod_rewrite I can’t find it.

Should be in the loaded modules section… According to there Help pages, mod_rewrite should be enabled, though.

I found the fix.
I had RewriteBase /my-subfolder in my .htaccess

when I changed it to
RewriteBase /

it worked. I think because the domain already pointed to the correct folder.
Thanks for all the help