Hide positions dropdown

is it possible to hide the positions dropdown under change status? My pages can not be sorted, so its confusing the client.

Maybe I’m missing something, but how are the pages sorted? If you allow status changes and sort by sorting number, what would you expect to happen? Whenever the status is changed again to published, should it go at the end?

Having said that, you could hide the dropdown via a custom Panel stylesheet.

the pages are sorted alphabetically - so the sorting number does not apply. I think i might just hide with css.

H, I haven’t seen the position dropdown pop-up when sorting alphabetically?

is there a sort setting on the page blueprint? I am talking about sorting in the front end, how would the panel know about this?

The Panel doesn’t know anything about your frontend sorting, but you can set how you number published pages (i.e. the prepended folder number), by date(20190213_), by number(1_), and alphabetically (0_). When sorting by date or alphabetically, there will be no position dropdown, only when you sort by number.


probably being very stupid - but how to you actually set the type of sorting being used?

Via the num option: https://getkirby.com/docs/reference/panel/blueprints/page#sorting

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