How to create unsorted public pages?

In the repo I can see some pages are not sorted (they have 0_ prepended to their folder). Is there a way to make this work in the Panel as well?

I have the classical blog and article blueprints. Articles are always sorted by a date field both in the templates and in the Panel. I’ve set sortable: false on the pages section for the articles in the blog.yml, but the user is still prompted to select a position when publishing an article. How to avoid that? I want the user to just select between draft/unlisted/public. Currently, he has to scroll through 50 positions before publishing. Also, if he adds an article in the middle (because it makes no difference to the order, after all), all following articles are renamed and I get huge Git diffs, which also boggles me.

Are you looking for num: zero for alphabetical sorting? See

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The position picker only appears when numbered sorting is set, i.e. 01_, 02_ etc.

If you set num: zero (for alphabetical sorting) or `num: “{{‘Ymd’) }}” for date-based sorting, the position picker doesn’t appear.

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