Panel - custom button to change page to public

Is there a way to customize the button that publish the page?
I need it to have only 2 options: ‘public’ or ‘draft’.
I would like to remove the ‘unlisted’ and the ‘position’

Maybe it would be easier to create a new component that affect it? because I also want it to be more noticeable.

Thanks in advance!

You can set the allowed statuses via the blueprint:

Thanks a lot!
I managed to change the status options :slight_smile:
There is still the position dropdown that I would like to remove.
I checked this page options but I couldn’t find how to do that.

Any idea if it’s possible?
Thanks so much!

I removed it through the stylesheet.
I have another question about the position.
When I try to position pages in the panel by drag it doesn’t really work - it drops the page in a random position. is it a bug?

I’m not aware of a bug. Could you please post the blueprint section for which sorting doesn’t work? I assume you are using default numbering?

This is the blueprint of my home page

title: Home

    type: fields
        label:  duration
        type: select
          short: 5 seconds
          medium: 10 seconds
          long: 20 seconds
    type: pages
    label: event 
    template: event
    sortBy: date
    type: pages
    label: big event
    template: feature
    type: pages
    label: full page image
    template: tmuna
    type: pages
    label: locations
    template: location

it gives me 4 lists: events, features, images and locations, and in each of them I experience this ‘bug’.

this is the yml for locations for example:

title: Location

    draft: Draft
    listed: Published

    type: fields
        label: שם המקום
        type: text
        label: בחרו חץ
        type: select
          ↑: ↑
          ↗: ↗
          ↖: ↖
          →: →
          ←: ←
          ↓: ↓
          ↘: ↘
          ↙: ↙
          ↵: ↵

I didn’t change the numbering order.

Thanks !

This section sorts by date, so you cannot change the order manually. For the others, at least the location, which don’t have the num property set, manual sorting should work properly.

If you want an extra button to change the status, you could probly use the Janitor plugin with a custom job:

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Thanks - I know, I changed it to sort: date because it didn’t work well