Hashtag in Shop URLs

I noticed that there is a “#” automatically added to all shop URLs in Demokit - since there are no canonical tags it won’t be so optimal for Google Indexing - is there a way to remove it?

Example: https://trykirby.com/FUPogA6h/shop#/

I am trying to change from tld.com/shop#/ all of the shop urls to tld.com/abc/

I guess i would have to change something in the route - but since it is different for the shop and the product pages i was wondering what the best way would be?

Many thanks!

That hash comes from the snipcart script in the shop’s footer.

<script src="https://cdn.snipcart.com/themes/v3.0.6/default/snipcart.js"></script>

If you remove the script, the hash will disappear.

Thanks texnixe - that solved it=)

@izag this is issue has actually been fixed since version 3.0.9 of snipcart (latest is 3.0.12).

@texnixe might be worth a quick update to the demokit :slight_smile: