Broken links in blog posts - leading slashes added

Absolute URLs I am inserting into blog posts in my site are currently being prefixed with a leading slash for some reason I can’t quite fathom. For example, the following markdown:

(link: text: hi)

Gets translated to:

<a href="/">hi</a>

Interestingly, the problem does not manifest itself for linked images. The following works fine:

(image: logo.svg link:

The same is not happening on other parts of the site. I recall having something like this with other parts of the site a few months ago when it was first set up, but can’t recall for the life of me what the solution was.

Any suggestions?

Have you modified the link tag?
What is your Kirby version?
Can you reproduce this with a fresh starter kit?
Have you installed any plugins? Which?

Hi texnixe,

no customisations to the Kirby source if that is what you are asking. Not sure where I would go to modify the link tag!

Kirby info
Toolkit version: 2.5.8
Kirby version: 2.5.8
Panel version: 2.5.8

Haven’t resorted to trying a fresh starter kit yet, but will do so shortly.

No plugins installed.


Try with the latest 2.5.10 version, please.

Updated the site to 2.5.10, but the same problem applies, so not that anyway.

As I said, test with a fresh Startkit. And what about plugins?

Yep, getting to the fresh starter kit shortly. No plugins installed, as mentioned above.


Turns out the link tag had been modified as you initially suspected. I’m still only fairly new to Kirby and was not quite certain what you were asking earlier, but using the starter kit followed by a process of elimination led me to a file doing exactly what you suggested. The site was initially created by a third party and the link tag override they put in was a bit nonsensical.

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.

You are welcome. Glad you could sort it out in the end.