Has anyone made a Dealership Website with Kirby?

Hey, I’ve been tasked with creating a website for a car sales garage, it’s very basic, with just each vehicle having different fields for spec, and an image gallery. I would imagine kirby would be ideal for this kind of website!? So I’m curious if anyone has already made a site with Kirby like this!?

Secondary Question… His current website is as basic as described, but he has asked for 1 addition to his new website… a finance calculator. The calculator he wants to use is by Codeweavers, it requires API connections, and I am curious as to whether or not I can use the kirby Virtual Pages API features to display this plugin;

here is all I can find that is publicly available from the company as to how their “plugin” works…

Thanks- Josh

That’s very little information but on their website they claim that the calculator is “simple to add in to any website.”

And I suppose since this is a paid service, they should also offer appropriate support.

I don’t know why you think you need virtual pages for this. A normal page template should suffice, because fromt he supplied code, this is just a piece of JavaScript that you have to add to your page?

You can create basically anything with Kirby, so such a website is definitely not a problem. I guess you don’t want to sell cars online through this website?

Not cars, but motorcyles:

Okay, so excuse my ignorance, as this will be the first time using an API :see_no_evil:, I discovered Kirby by simply googling “CMS for Front End Devs” :sweat_smile:.

This will be the first time I have dealt with an API.

Is it possible to make this finance calculator function, displaying different data per vehicle using kirby? Is there specific features in kirby that will make this easier to set up?

Yes, you would probably store the data in Kirby, then provide it to the script.

Sorry, this question is really hard to answer. Kirby has the Remote class that makes it relatively easy to deal with API data via PHP (as compared to having to use curl() manually. But depending on your use case, you can also do this on the frontend via JavaScript I guess.

You can provide the car data as a JSON content representation that you can then fetch in your JavaScript code.

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