Google Maps Kirby page?

What i imagine:

Add a plugin, add apikey in config.
Then add a block with an adress whereever i want.

Instead i found a plugin that adds a map to my panel.
And another one, i cant do anything with.

Seems that the authors just forget some infos for stupid beginners?
Or maybe the beginner is too stupid.

What exactly do you expect as an answer now?

You don’t provide any links.
You don’t even ask a specific question.

This has been going on for quite a while now. Multiple topics per day, all very vague. I’m really a very patient person, but reaching my limits. So please ask specific questions and provide all the necessary details. Thank you.

I am sorry, that you cant understand my english. Also i dont know what are your dos and donts.
I have bought a license with the hope to get help with this cms.

My question is: How to get a Google Map with a specified adress into a page?

I have tried different plugins, read the docs, but fail to get my map online.

So again: How i get a Google Map with a specified adress into a page?

Do you know how to do it in a static HTML site?

The easiest way is to copy the code from Google and insert it.
But i need to insert this in a block between other blocks.
Is there any block to add html-code?

BTW: Why the block “table” is not in the list of choseable blocks?
Some days ago i have seen a way to arrange the blocks for useing them. A minute ago i tried to search in the folder for “gallery, line and others” to find this file, but i failed.

Another question is: If i want to have some fields like title, description, keys, geo - can i add them somewhere as global fields to have them in all pages?

Finally i try to read all the docs, but where can i find something about CSS and how to change layouts and blocks to be set with needed css?

I have setup tailwind, and i guess that i have to connect these two worlds somehow. But in which doc you teach about changing blocks and layouts to use given css, please?

It doesn’t make sense to put unrelated questions into one topic.

Google maps:

Here is a tutorial how to add Google maps to your site: Google Maps-Karte mit einer Markierung auf Ihrer Website hinzufügen  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google Developers

Combine that with a custom block that contains the dynamic parts (lat, lon, address). You can use the Kirby map block plugin source code as an example: GitHub - youngcut/kirby-map: Geolocation field & map block: All you need for a map on your website

As far as I can see, there is no Google maps plugin for Kirby (the ones that do exist use Mapbox).

I’m not 100% sure if it is already possible to use Google Maps in a GDPR conformant way. If this is not possible yet, you would need to get user consent to display such a map.

In one bought theme there is a block to add html. With that and the code from GMaps it is easy to solve my task, while i have to show one certain adress.

You can past HTML into a standard textarea field no need for a special field.