Kirby Map (Location-Field & Map-Block)

Hey! I made a Plugin to configure a Map. It includes two features:

Search Location and get coordinates:


Set the center-location, the zoom and many markers:

Have fun!
To the Plugin

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Hi microman, very nice Job, thank you. Unfortunately i can’t set a location. I’m getting this error message: «Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘defaultName’)». Can you send me in the right direction, what to look out for. Thanks.

This issue’s fixed in version 1.0.1.

Great, thx for the quick respond! :+1:t3:

Hi @Microman ,

How to display the map on the front side? I couldn’t find an example.


Hi Mickael

Thank for asking. It’s a Plugin for the Kirby block field. To use this, you will add a Blockfield in the blueprint like this:

  type: blocks
    - maps

And in the frontend you can insert this:

<?php foreach ($page->map()->toBlocks() as $block) : ?>
 <?= $block ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

Please check it out. Is it working?

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Hi @Microman

sorry for the late response.

It works :slight_smile: