How to connect a custom street map to the panel

Hello Community,

I would like to include a map on a website, in which you can insert locations and information from the Kirby Panel. But this is totally new territory for me.

The ideal case would be to enter an address in the panel and a point is automatically placed on the map at the correct position. If you click on the point, a popup with further information opens. You can certainly solve this via Google Maps etc., however I would like to have a map that fits the design of the website.

My questions now are, how would you go about this? Are there map tools that you can design yourself, for example the colors?

Alternative: Because the map should only be a rough overview map, I thought about creating the map in Illustrator as a graphic and placing it on the site in this way to match the design. However, I wouldn’t then know how to get the users from the backend to place the dots in the right place.

Thanks for any help!

Maybe try this: GitHub - youngcut/kirby-map: Geolocation field & map block: All you need for a map on your website. Mapbox offers different maps styles and this plugin allows you to add multiple markers to a map. Don’t know about popup stuff.

Yes, this works perfectly! Thanks :slight_smile: