Getting Error Setting Certificate Verify Locations

I bought a Kirby 3 license and am currently trying to install it now that the site is near complete. However, whenever I input the license and the e-mail I get the following error:

error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/LCAC/public/kirby/cacert.pem CApath: none

Even though when I check that path, there is a PEM file there. I replaced the PEM file with a fresh one from a plainkit template and then managed to register my site. However now week later, I’m getting this certificate error again.

How can I fix this?

AFAIK, the liscence entry should be done on a real webserver, rather than a local Mamp or similar. Does it work if you install the liscence on the actual webserver?

Hmm, weird. So I deleted the local version of my site and recloned it from github and it seems like now the certificate worked properly.

Dunno what happened but this has been solved!