Get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated error


I have a website that I built for a client which has been working absolutely fine for years but all of a sudden they are receiving an error in the Panel when they try to scroll through the pages nested within the folder. Please see images below:

I can access and edit the various product pages by entering the direct url, and the product pages on the website work fine. This seems to be the only error occurring.

Please help, no idea what’s going on!


The message means what it says, the function has been deprecated by PHP as of version 7.4 and been removed in PHP 8.

So you, your client or your hosting service have probably updated PHP. The last Kirby 2 version (2.5.14) is however compatible with PHP 7.4.

So make sure you use the lastest Kirby 2 version and/or a version of PHP that is compatible with your Kirby version.

Having said that, Kirby 2 has long reached EOL, doesn’t support PHP versions above 7.4 (which will also reach EOL at the end of this year), so updating to Kirby 3 might make sense. Software is not made for eternity and if get gets too old it becomes a security risk, after all.