German URL Mapping


I`m a new user of Kirby.

I want to develop a private website with only one language (german). So the links are in german (“ueber-mich”, “kontakt”, etc.).
How can I map the german links to the english named content-folders/-files in Kirby. Or is it better to name the folders/files in german too? I prefer naming in english. What is the best practice?
(Sorry for my bad english.)


Best practice for a single language site with Kirby is just to have your content structure/folders named the way you want your URLs / URL slugs be named.

Ok, thanks!
But the content files (for example about.txt in folder “ueber-mich”) can be named in english?

Yes, that’s no problem as those will not appear anywhere

Please note that the template files must have exactly the same name plus “.php” as the particular content file plus “.txt”.
For details you may want to read the whole post at Blueprints vs Templates?!