Kirby 2 to 3 - File names in content folder

I have a multilanguage Kirby page that I am currently upgrading from Kirby 2 to Kirby 3.

In my content folder i have a folder called “Home” in which I have a image stored called “slider.jpg”.
In my Kirby 2 installation I’ve also had two text filed called “slider.jpg.txt” and “slider.jpg.en.txt”.
When I open this page after upgrading to Kirby 3 in my backend my “Home” blueprint isnt beeing applied anymore, now the default template is beeing used.

When renaming the “slider.jpg.txt” file to “” the “Home” blueprint is beeing corrently applied again.

On the how to upgrade a Kirby 2 to 3 Page Documentation found here: this doesnt seem to be documented.

So my question is: Do I have to go through EVERY single page i have in my kirby installation and rename every single image .txt file now? So that for every image I have a “” and “imagename.jpg.en.txt”?

As far as I remember, even in K2 all content files should have the language extension for all languages? At least they were created like that if you used the Panel.

In any case, yes, you have to rename the files, but it should be possible to automate this, either in your file system or programmatically.

For example, on a Mac, you can select all files without the extension and then rename them according to a pattern. Guess Windows has something comparable, otherwise there are tools.

Alright. I will do that then, maybe the files dont have the extension because its a pretty old Version of K2 and the Multilanguage was later on added onto it. But I dont really know, for now I’ll just have to fix the filenames up i guess.

Yes, but that should be a quick fix.

I guess it’s not in the docs because the language extension was already standard in Kirby 2.

Yea thats how the languages were setup in the installation of this Website.
So i dont really know why this messed up, yet still worked on K2. But for now thats not my problem :smiley: