Home folder issues

Hi, i’m using kirby 2.3 and I have some issues with home folder: If I rename it, it breaks kirby hard, like it’s described in this github issue marked as solved (same error message)

Second issue : when I put a txt in my home folder (for image captionning, txt have the exact same name as the image except it’s txt) kirby fallback my homepage to the default template, as it doesn’t find the template relative to myimagename.txt (which is normal)

Can you test and reproduce thoses bugs or it’s just me ?

Thank you.

After renaming the home folder, you need to change the c::set('home', 'mypage') option to make it work. Have you done this?

No, I don’t knew that, thank you i will try. (i had rollback to vanilla naming for the moment)

Your meta file txt files should also include the image file extension, e.g. if the file is called myimage.jpg, the text file must be called myimage.jpg.txt.

ho OK I see, thanks.