Formatting in array not working

I am using Martin’s Calendar-Plugin and get some problems with formatting.
Neither the marks for bold or italic are working nor are paragraphs applied.
Also, smartypants are not working, so I don’t get the language specific quotes (they are coded correctly and work for other sides of the site).
Here is the code for displaying the content:

<?php foreach ($fields as $key => $value): ?>
	<div class="details"><?php echo $event -> getField($key); ?></div>
<?php endforeach; ?>

And the code for getting the content:

<?php $calendar = calendar(page('termine')->calendar()->yaml()); ?>
	snippet('calendar-single', array(
		'calendar' => $calendar,
		'fields'   => array(
			'title'        => l::get('title'),
			'place'        => l::get('place'),
			'description'  => l::get('description'),
			'people'       => l::get('people'),

Anyone any idea to solve this issues?
Thanks in advance

Try with the kirbytext() helper:

<?php foreach ($fields as $key => $value): ?>
	<div class="details"><?php echo kirbytext($event -> getField($key)); ?></div>
<?php endforeach; ?>

Thank you, texnixe. The helper helps.

PS: If you just read another reply: I found my mistake.