Footnotes plugin wrong media url on homepage


I’m using the footnotes plugin by @sylvainjule .

On the homepage only, when a kirbytag is calling for an image like (image: myimage.jpg), the url on the front-end is wrong.

For exemple, I get
<img src="">

instead of

<img src="">

This issue comes only on the homepage, the footnotes still works, but breaks every media URL from kirbytags.(Tested on a fresh starterkit 3.7)

Can you help me, if you notice something wrong, maybe inside this file from the plugin ?


I am searching for a similar solution. I have created a new kirbytag which asks for two imagines from the media library. However using the image-tag, the url is rendered as @Oziris described.

My tag will be called in a textfield like this:
(mykirbytag: image1: (image: myimage1.jpg) image2: (image: myimage2.jpg))

Try to replace this line :