Filtering files in the panel

Hi Kirby forum,

is there any way to filter files by their meta data in the panel? If not built-in, where would I have to start creating a custom solution (although I think this is a very important feature for anyone).

My use-case: an image portfolio with many images in one directory. The images will e.g. have categories and / or tags so I would like to be able to filter all images in category or with tag X. Otherwise you would have to click through hundreds of images and check their fields to find the desired ones.

Thank you

Where exactly do you want to filter them? In the sidebar? In a field where the user is supposed to select them?

In any case you would need a custom solution, but the right solution depends on your use case.

Is it just to find them in order to edit them? Or find them in order to include them in the page?

In the files overview for a certain page.

So yes, to find them in order to edit them.

Hm, I don’t think this is possible without modifiying the core. Or creating a custom file view (but that would be an additional view rather then replacing the current view).

Unless maybe with a custom field in the files overview…

I made a panel filter for media files for a past client. It used jquery isotope and you could filter between all meta data using checkboxes…

Basic example shown here…


Is that based on the @distandnatives file viewer or simply a modified core view?

Is the code available anywhere, @MinmlCo?

Exactly something like this.

Since the panel in Kirby 3 will use Vue.js—wouldn’t it be easy to implement this functionality there?

It’s completely custom as I didn’t realise there was an existing version.

With the new panel being built using Vue it shouldn’t be hard either!

In response to @texnixe, the code isn’t available as it was made for a client… It wouldn’t be too Hadd to make something similar though if it was needed.

With the version shown there was some modifications to the core but it could all be moved into a plugin or field for minimum fuss!

@MinmlCo Unrelated: But how do you put the logo in front of the top bread crump? Sorry if there is an official way, but I’m new to Kirby. (-;

You can add acustom Panel stylesheet, then use a before pseudo element to inject the logo.

Sure, it’s that simple… (-: