Media library in the panel

For an upcoming project a client wants to use a general media library in the panel like wordpress to manage all uploaded files and filter them by tags etc. The reason is that files are used multiple times for the entire website and should be available from any page/subpage.

I think that I have to use a simple page to upload all files but:

  • how can I filter files in the files section?
  • how can I select a file from any page based in this custom folder?
  • is that possible anyway?

Thanks for your suggestions.

The textarea field allows you to select files from a different folder than the current page and to upload to another page. Also, users can drag and drop from a files section.

That would require a custom section, a standard files section doesn’t support filtering.

With thousands of files in a single page folder, I’m not sure what that means for performance.

Ok, this is totally untested, but it may work…

The Files Field allows you to use a query to display only certain files. You could possibly use a Select Field to allow the client to select the tags, and then use that value as part of the query, to display just the files that match the selected tags.

The problem I can see with that is that, even if it works, it would require the user to SAVE the page after selecting the appropriate values in the Select Field, in order to cause the File Field to refresh.

Another option might be to place each image in a sub-page of its own, and then use the Pagetable Plugin to sort and filter the list for you. @sylvainjule is the plugin author, a really nice guy, and might be able to suggest ways for you to configure it to suit your specific needs if you get stuck!

I think the pagetable plugin is the way to go. Except that the plugin uses pages instead of files. I have to extend the files section for my needs.

Thanks for your replies. If I get it done in the near future I’ll share it.

There is a files display section that works like the pages display section, just for files :wink: