Dedicated image section/field

So there is a ‘files blueprint’ which helps with filtering file input. Sadly though it only seems to apply to uploaded files. Is there a way ‘filter’ file selection based on a ‘file blueprint’?

I thought of making an ‘only-upload’ file-field but that is simply not possible without custom code, also when removing a file, it won’t remove it from the filesystem (as it doesn’t delete an upload, but a link to an upload).

Second option I could think of is using the files-section and bind it to a dedicated (unpublished) page. But that doesn’t really prevent selecting a file which doesn’t fit the uploads filter unfortunately.

So is there a way to allow only spefic files to be selected in either a direct or indirect way?

I would love to hear the options!

If we are talking about the user selecting files from a given set, then we are talking about a files field.

A files field has two functions:

  • possibility to select a file from a selection defined through the query option. The query option lets you filter all files of the page (or from another page) by different criteria, including the applied template.

    query: page.images.template('image')
  • possibility to upload a file to the page or another page and at the same time assign a file template (in which you can set the accept property to filter by file types

      template: image

I’m not sure I really understand what is missing?

I think I missed the knoweledge that templates can be used in a query :smiley:.

Is there specifications somewhere for the query string, as it seems like a powerfull mechanism?