Files section filter metatype

In files section is there no way to just show images or just show other files? I would like to see if i have any pdf uploaded.

Yes, you can define file blueprints per files section and in those file blueprints use the acceptoption to determine what files can be uploaded/shown.

Hope that’s what you are after?

I am sorry but here
there is no accept

Yes, because it is not an option of the files section, but set in the file blueprint you assign via the template option:

e.g in your files section

  type: files
  template: image

And then in site/blueprints/files/image.yml

title: Image
accept: image/png, image/jpg, image/gif

Unfortunate since
A) that forces kirby to generate textfile for every file
B) users have to know where to upload files so it is in right field which could be a challange with multiple upload fields.

I guess some custom fields are solution.


Oh, now I see what you were getting at. You want a files section for anything but with a sort of search option included. Yes, that would require a custom solution.