Only allow certain file type to be uploaded?

I’d like to create a files section which only allows the upload/display of videos. Looking through the reference page I cannot find an option to do so. Yet the page states:

»The files section has multiple options to control what kind of files should be displayed…«

Am I missing something?

Limiting the display of the kinds of files is not the same restricting the type of files that can be uploaded. The two are independent.

To restrict the file types, you can do this with the accept option and listing the desired mime types, in the file meta blueprint. Then set that meta file blueprint as the one for the files section to use.

Something like:

accept: video/*

Should accept all video files. See here in the documentation.

In a files section, you can set a parent and a template:

  type: files
  parent: site.find('photography') # this option defines the parent where the files are uploaded
  template: audio # this option defines the blueprint that is assigned to the file; these file blueprints live in `/site/blueprints/files`

In your audio.yml your would then set the meta data fields and as already pointed out by @jimbobrjames, you can also set the accept option to limit the types of files that can be uploaded.