Custom file fields in left-side panel?

When I design a page, I sometimes have multiple files associated to it and I’d love it if we could have custom fields in the panel to define those files.
For example, a ‘project’ page could have :

  • a banner image
  • a logo image
  • a team image
  • a carousel with project images
  • a downloadable PDF

At the moment, I play around with the order (and type) of the files to show the right one at the right place, but it would be (way) more convenient to have a field called ‘project logo’ for example…

Just an idea…

I must admit that I don’t really understand what you want to achieve. You could easily define those fields in your blueprints and select the corresponding images? Of course that would not be on the left side …

Did you have a look at kirby-selector already? Sounds like it could be the way to go for you.

I think the idea is to have different “buckets” in the sidebar, where user would upload files, instead of a single one with a mess of files.

kirby-selector is a way to achieve this, but I think it fills a different need, and it requires more actions: first upload the files, then choose them in the field. Another problem is that the selector doesn’t know the purpose of files. You can filter by type, but is that image a banner, logo, or team image? The user has to know and use only the appropriate images, and can make mistakes.

On the other hand if we could upload to different “buckets” a user would just need to upload in the right one. Benefits:

  • no need to select files manually ;
  • shorter page form, because you don’t need kirby-selector or any other file field ;
  • the file list would be easier to read.

I use the word “bucket” but it could just be a tag added to files, and the ability to list files by that tag. Does it make sense?

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To make this information usable in the templates, this meta information needs to find it’s way into either the file’s meta data or into the main content files.

Yes files metadata is a good place for that. What I have in mind is really a Panel thing, it could be a new blueprint option to display files in a different way, based on tags or the value of a select:

      label: Purpose
      type: select
          team: Team pictures
          hero: Hero images
          product: Product views
  groupby: mysortingfield

Visually the result would be pretty much like OS X’s “Arrange by Tags” view:

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It seems like there are very many ideas of how to use the sidebar. I have a few myself but others might not need what I need.

Hookable sidebar instead

I think it would be great if the sidebar would be hookable by plugins. Then we would have the power to customize it to our own needs. It would also keep Kirby lightweight and let “Kirby crew” work on the core stuff, instead of the “almost plugin” stuff.

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Yes, @Malvese, I’d love to have multiple buckets.
@DieserJonas, Kirby-selector looks pretty cool. I doesn’t seem very logic to have two actions instead of one, though. But I think it’s what I’ll use for now…
I just made a quick render of what the ‘multiple buckets’ could look like :