File explorer for Kirby

Is there a plugin for a file explorer? Or does @bastianallgeier plan to develop one?

Because fiddling through the pages and find my files seems a bit complicated.
Perhaps someone has an idea?


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Look at HowTo: Use a special sitemap, for admins/panel user with many links, e.g. for former WordPress-user, I don’t know if this helps you.

Hmm, that looks more like a workaround.
A fileexplorer (as I see it) offers the same operations as the single file-view (replace, delete etc.).
But only for all files in Kirby.

Nevertheless: thanks.

… is the panel. For every webpage. I think this is perfect.

But you need to follow the Kirby way…

But this is the step, every body has to do, if he/she changes the cms system.
Good luck!

I like the system of Kirby! I hope you too!

I’m sorry, but I didn’t get that.
I really don’t want to bloat the panel. It is great in its simplicity and I guess I will use Kirby for our website.

Since we have a lot of pictures I don’t want to dig into the pages. I want an overview, just like the pages but for files.

I will write a letter for santa :santa: :smile:

Write your letter on GitHub as an issue, it’s more likely to be fulfilled over there :laughing:

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Just did that, @texnixe. Now lets see if Santa listens to me :wink: