File uploader on panel

How would I go about adding a simple File Uploader section to the main panel?

I’m a bit surprised such a plugin or built in feature doesn’t already exist, so if its just me be being lousy at finding it please excuse this post and send me a link! :slight_smile:

What is your use case for an additional file uploader in the Panel? Do you mean on the Dashboard?

Yes, one of those boxes right on the front page of the dashboard would be great! Sometimes my users want to simply share a file with someone, and I’ve had to set up a hidden blog post that they now use to upload things to in order to get a url for the file, but its not a very sophisticated nor sexy solution. Allowing me to set the path to something like …/uploads/… or …/uploads/2018/… etc would be great.

You are pretty free to do whatever you like in a custom widget. I don’t know of an existing solution though, but you could build it yourself.

… lol.
Yes, that’s pretty much what I’m asking for some tips on how to go about doing.

How is the key word in most support cases.

I think if you have a look at. existing widgets, you should find a starting point:

A simple file form field that sends a submit to a route that then handles the upload with Kirby’s Upload class should do the job.

How is not the same for every user, though. I don’t know how much “How” you need. I can give you hints, but I can’t give you a step by step tutorial to a ready to use solution.

I’ll do that, but going with kirby was partly because I’m not much of a programmer so I don’t really have high hopes of coming up with a solid solution, that’s why I originally posted under #plugins , in the hopes of someone who writes these for fun and for kirby to be among the top solutions - would agree that it’s really a missing piece of usability and create a proper fix. Maybe you could move it back into that section as the How bit in the question is more or less answered now?

Well, probably nobody needed it that urgently.

I moved it, because the plugin category is for existing plugins, not for requests, I have now moved it to the plugin ideas category.

In the absence of such a solution, maybe you could make it simpler for your users with a simple widget that links to the upload page? And then additionally lists all those files that have been uploaded? Maybe with an option to directly copy the link to the file to the clipboard.