F5 key triggers "Change template"

Changing templates in panel: super nice! But could we please change the keyboard shortcut away from “F5”?
“F5” in Windows is like “Cmd + R” on mac (refresh page). I think overriding the refresh key (with something that doesn’t refresh the page) isn’t that user friendly

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Agree! :slight_smile: I just tested it. Don’t override the refresh shortcut (F5) on Windows.

It’s actually similar to using “Cmd + R” for changing the template. Mac users would probably not like that.

What about alt + t? :slight_smile:

I added an issue about it:


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woah, I would actually never do that and I’m not even aware which of our shortcuts would trigger F5. Seems to be a very strange bug. I need to check that. Sorry for the issue.